Still no exit……what happens next?

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Climate change in Australia…..

What you need to know.

Keeping You in the LoopIt is difficult when year-after-year a few of us explain that there is no substance to the many and varied – really endless – claims of imminent demise of The Great Barrier, and we are not believed.   It is not that we lack evidence, but mostly our facts are considered too tedious … and our explanations are somehow bothersome because they don’t accord with the overwhelming consensus.  
Having never wavered, and it is now going-on twenty-years, I was so pleased today to know that the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane is taking an interest in the detail: that Judge Salvatore Vasta wants to know about the quality assurance of The Great Barrier Reef research.  
So far it appears there is no quality assurance. Zip. Zilch. None. 
You might as well just make-it-all up, which is what many Australian scientists have being doing for years.  As long as their executive summaries/abstracts are in accordance with the zeitgeist that says there is a terrible human-impact for which we must all be sorry, the scientists kept being funded – by the Australian tax payer. 
Today, Judge Vasta asked how it could be that James Cook University – a recipient of so many billions of dollars over the years – could leave no stone unturned in its disciplinary process against Peter Ridd, while doing absolutely nothing to address his complaints about the lack of quality assurance of its research.
Not once in court today, or yesterday, was there any defense by the James Cook University Team of “the science” that Peter Ridd has been so critical of.  The university is simply arguing that he doesn’t have a right to speak-out.  
At one stage, it appeared that James Cook University were going to argue that Peter Ridd was unqualified to have an opinion on biological matters because he is a physicist, but so far, and after two days, James Cook University are not running that argument either.  They are simply claiming that the university’s code of conduct prevents its employees from being un-collegial, and specifically Peter Ridd from being so critical of his colleagues and their research.   
My IPA colleague Gideon Rozner was in the court today, Day 2, and has filed this report:
Anticipating some attack on Peter Ridd’s credentials, I wrote a blog post explaining how and why a knowledge of physics is so relevant to understanding reef ecosystems:
The arguments will continue in court tomorrow/Thursday, 28thMarch at the Harry Gibbs Commonwealth Law Courts Building, 119 North Quay, Brisbane CBD from 10am
Thanks for caring.
Dr Jennifer Marohasy 
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Poets’ views…..

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Great advice…..

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Wales…..on top of the world…

Our boys, our rugby boys have produced some miracles this Six Nation’s:

They’ve come back from the dead….twice.
They turned water into Brains beers in Cardiff last night.
Gatland is now eligible for sainthood and, if William has his way, a knighthood.
They’ve walked and run on muddy water ……and walked all over England.
They’ve made the whole of Wales sing.
They wiped the arrogant leer off Eddie’s face….that is a miracle!
They raised the roof at the Principality even when there was no roof.
They made ‘Bread of Heaven’ into a contender for this year’s Eurovision song contest.
They silenced all the doubting Thomases, Evans, Jones ie Eddie and Schmidt’s.
They made the whole of Wales smile and the Wales defence coach laugh.
They made John Inver-dale shut up about England for all of three minutes….such bliss!
They proved all the expert pundits to be….umumum….words fail me.
Alun Wyn Jones will ascend into heaven.
The Gowertonians and Gorseinonboy will be enshrined.
And on the Sabbath all the players have a day of rest.
This morning Wales is the centre of the universe.
Now, where are we heading for the World Cup?

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Pimento poets…..


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Scarlet woman……

Dear Me.

My sister

and her scarlet fever.

The new pink you!

New reddened faced,

But white around the mouth!

Blotched, spotted and alien you

Lying there

smothered by war blankets

On the faded black brown

Splintered roughened course leather

chaise longue, that was ours.

Your face was as crimson as school red ink

Blotched on a virgin white.

Under the glare of a single bright 40 watt


They came





Wrapped in blankets

Without delay.

I felt loss

Like a tied up dog

On a cold Lino floor brown,

Pines for.

No one explained

The red indian spots

The furry tongue

The incoherence

Of a sudden flight

With the strange suited,

The Quietly spoken,

In the middle of the night.

I visited you once

On a wind swept plain

Garngoch common.

Isolation wing.

Spied you through the open window

Screwed my face up for a better view.

Saw you riding on a wild wild rocking horse

Feverishly breaking the bronco in.

You were Still a little  pink with a redskin finish

Blotched and blemished.

It was the first time a sister in my life

Left me.

Warmth when being replaced by cold

Lingers on the bedclothes

The scent of closeness


The dog tied up

Has nowhere to go

But pulls anyway

On the tethered chain

Chaffing the skin.

Not for the last time,

It was not for the last time

I felt the loss of

A woman

And something inside

And outside chafing me.

Vernon Goddard

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Coming and Going….

Each morning from Monday to Friday
Just beyond the birds eating, treating
Beyond the browned beech hedging,
Children stroll to the school bus.
From right to left across my view
Of birds and hedge.
Each carries a days supplies to the front line.

At 4.30 pm precisely
The same children,
Across my eyeline,
From left to right,
Ignore the swooping birds

Worn down already
With the backpack of evening doom.
Being at the ditch has wearied them
So they neither see bird
Nor the blue skied sunniness
Of a February Valentine.
Nor me peeking at them from a foreign clime.

Whilst they have trudged
From here to there
And back again.

I have written a poem.

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TV’s Columbo, Peter Falk, dead at 83 – Yahoo! News

TV’s Columbo, Peter Falk, dead at 83 – Yahoo! News.

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Testing for Facebook

Will this be seen on FaceBook?

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